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New February Audiobooks

February 2018

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Audiobook Additions


Call Number Title Author
F BEATON Hamish M #34 Death of an Honest Man M.C. BEATON
F BRADLEY Flavia #9 The Grave's a Fine and Private Place C. Alan Bradley
F BRAUN Cat Who #21 The Cat Who Saw Stars Lilian Jackson Braun
F CARD Pathfinder Orson Scott Card
F CLARK I've Got My Eyes On You Mary Higgins Clark
F CUSSLER NUMA Fi #15 The Rising Sea Clive Cussler
F FLUKE Hannah #22 Raspberry Danish Murder Joanne Fluke
F FRANCIS Sid #4 Under Orders Dick Francis
F GOODKIND Sword of #6 Faith of the Fallen Terry Goodkind
F HANNAH The Great Alone Kristin Hannah
F HEARNE Iron Dru #1 Hounded Kevin Hearne
F KINSELLA Surprise Me Sophie Kinsella
F LAWRENCE Book of #2 Grey Sister Mark Lawrence
F PETERS Amelia #17 The Serpent on the Crown Elizabeth Peters
F PETERSON A Familiar Fear Kathi Oram Peterson
F POULSON Suspect Clair Poulson
F STANSFIE The Stars Above Northumberland Anita Stansfield
F STEIN The Art of Racing In the Rain Garth Stein
F THOMPSON Zookeeper's Secret Jeffrey A. Thompson



Call Number Title Author
006.8 BAI 2018 Experience On Demand: What Virtual Reality Is, How It Works, and What It Can Do Jeremy Bailenson
128.4 HEA Power of Moments Chip & Dan Heath
153.753 PIN When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing Daniel H. Pink
153.85 INF 2008 Influencer the Power To Change Anything Kerry Patterson
158 BER Judgment Detox Gabrielle Bernstein
158.1 DYE 2004 The Secrets of the Power of Intention Wayne W. Dyer
158.2 CHA 2006 The Five Languages of Apology How To Experience Healing In All Your Relationships Gary D. Chapman
158.7 ACH The Happiness Advantage Shawn Achor
230 LEW Mere Christianity C.S. Lewis
291.44 TOL 2001 The Power of Now a Guide To Spiritual Enlightenment Eckhart Tolle
303.44 PIN Enlightenment Now Steven Pinker
305.4869 ROD 2007 Kabul Beauty School an American Woman Goes Behind the Veil Deborah Rodriguez
321.07 PLA The Republic Plato
327.1 CHU Political Tribes Amy Chua
363.1799 MOO The Radium Girls Kate Moore
629.455 KAK The Future of Humanity Michio Kaku
792.028 FIS The Actor's Life: A Survival Guide Jenna Fischer
917.9804 KRA 1999 Into the Wild Jon Krakauer
973 DAV 2003 Don't Know Much About History: Everything You Need To Know About American History But Never Learned Kenneth C. Davis
973.3009 MCC 2005 The Course of Human Events David G. McCullough
N/A Atoning One Robert L. Millet
N/A Big Potential Shawn Achor
N/A Elastic Leonard Mlodinow
N/A Resilient Rick Hanson
N/A The Culture Code Daniel Coyle
N/A Where There's Hope Elizabeth A. Smart
N/A Great Mess To Greatness Eric D. Richards


YA Fiction

Call Number Title Author
YA F DE LA CRUZ Alex #2 Love & War Melissa de la Cruz
YA F HARTMAN Tess of the Road Rachel Hartman
YA F HOROWITZ Alex Rid #11 Never Say Die Anthony Horowitz
YA F RIORDAN Kane Chr #1 The Red Pyramid Rick Riordan


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