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Tell Us What You're Studying 

Students and teachers! Please help us provide the best possible service by alerting us to upcoming assignments.

With this information, we can prepare booklists and subject guides and/or purchase new library materials that support the school curriculum.

Library Cards for Provo City Educators

Grades K-6

Grades  K-6

The Children’s Department offers the following services to teachers.  For more information about these services call the Children’s Department at 801-852-6682.

  • Stories and tours for school classes. Please call a week ahead to schedule tours.
  • Reading lists by topic and grade level (online and hard copies are both available).
  • Top of the Morning Book Review: First Thursday of each month at 7:00 am during the school year. Librarians and educators share and review new books.
  • Educational DVDs.
  • Large size picture book collection.
Grades 7-12

Grades 7-12

Services for Schools
The Library is here to help you. We offer a number of services designed specifically for students and schools. To learn more about any Library service, please contact the Library at 801-852-6650.

Contact Us

Contact Us

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