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Puppeteers perform at Provo Library

Daily Herald, October 2013: Puppeteers Mark Pulham, Amy White and Jason Warren performed to a packed house of 155 kids and adults Monday night at the Provo Library...Read more

Tom Angleberger

Author Tom Angleberger visits Provo Library

Daily Herald, October 2013: Teens have reimagined the past, explored dystopian futures and survived the zombie apocalypse through popular teen-aged tales offerings.

This year teens and tweens travel to a galaxy far away with Tom Angleberger, author of "The Strange Case of the Origami Yoda," at the Teen Book Fest. The 4th annual book fest is 11 a.m. Oct. 19, at the Historic Provo Library...Read more

Spirit Animals Brandon Mull

Local fantasy author kicks off new series at Provo City Library

Daily Herald, September 2013: Local New York Times bestselling author Brandon Mull ("Fablehaven," "Beyonders," "The Candy Shop War") is the story architect for a new series, "Spirit Animals," that combines his well-known and beloved style of fantasy writing with a world-building video game...Read more

Brandon Sanderson author of The Rithmatist

Fantasy author Brandon Sanderson visits Provo City Library

Daily Herald, June 2013: Brandon Sanderson won't even need to saddle up a dragon (or harness a chull) for his trip to Provo City Library on Monday night...Read more

Gail Carson Levine

Trio of visits to Provo City Library is confirmation of growing trend

Daily Herald, May 2013: Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson. Lois Lowry. Lief Enger. Lauren Oliver. Christopher Paolini. Over the last few years the Provo City Library has opened its doors to one best-selling author after another. Sometimes it seems like there's scarcely time to go home between author visits...Read more

Jennifer Fosberry

Book review: Isabella is the 'Star of the Story' in series' third picture book

Deseret News, April 2013: This is the third is a series of picture books about the antics of Isabella, a little girl with a big imagination. In "Isabella: Star of the Story," she visits the library and pretends to be book characters from. . .Read more

Virals, Reichs

Book review: In 'Code,' the Virals are back, ready for danger, mystery

Deseret News, March 2013: Tory and her fellow Virals are back with a new adventure. The Gamemaster has a puzzle to solve, but it is much more than the Virals bargained for. If they don't solve the mystery, many may die — even the... Read more

“Bones” author and son co-write new “Virals” series

BYU Universe, March 2013: For Kathy Reichs, author and creator of the television crime series, "Bones," and her son, Brendan Reichs, passion for writing runs, well, bone deep. . . Read more

Pitch Dark Days

Authors bring tales of amour and apocalypse to Provo City Library

Daily Herald, March 2013: On Wednesday, the world will be toast six ways to Sunday at Provo City Library — and not the kind of toast you can eat with butter and jam, either. That bad news is that we’re all hosed. The good news is that our bleak future exists only in the active imaginations of six highly creative authors, each with a different grim tale to tell about strange days or futuristic societies. . . Read more

Dark Days Book Tour authors write in strokes and streaks

BYU Universe, March 2013: Those unexpected moments when the mind relaxes bring bursts of creativity for one New York Times bestselling author; for another, it took 15 years to develop the paranormal world of her book. Lauren Oliver, author of the “Delirium” trilogy and Kiersten White, author of the “Paranormalcy” trilogy and “Mind Games” discussed the creative processes behind…Read more

Hue + Me

‘Hue + Me’: BYU student-curated art exhibit explores color and inspires curiosity

BYU Universe, January 2013: It is an unusual centerpiece, to say the least. Situated in the middle of the Academy Square Art Gallery in the bottom of the Provo City Library is a large, glossy, rainbow-swirled tree stump.  It’s just one of a collection of thought-provoking, color-themed pieces curated by BYU senior Kev Nemelka in his first solo curatorial… Read more

H U E + M E Art Exhibit

Daily Herald, January 2013: H U E + M E, Provo City Library's latest art exhibition, explores the ambiguous nature of color and its oxymoronic existence as a pool of “shared imagination“ from which artists and viewers draw inspiration and fashion individual and collective understandings. Curated by BYU Art History students. . .Read more

Shannon Hale

New York Times bestselling author Shannon Hale coming to Provo City Library

BYU Universe, January 2013: New York Times best-selling author Shannon Hale will be coming to the Provo City Library for its Family Literacy Symposium on Jan. 19. Hale, a native of Salt Lake City, is the author of several well-known young adult fantasy novels and the Newbery Medal award-winning book, “Princess Academy.”  Read more


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