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Learn It @ Your Library

Learn It @ Your Library

FREE classes offered each month. No registration necessary.
For more information, please call 801-852-6661.

January 15

Professional Organizer Secrets: Get Rid of Home Clutter Forever

7:00 pm
Young Special Events Room, #201

  • Learn three simple steps to organize ANY space.
  • Learn three questions to ask when decluttering your home.
  • Learn how to easily maintain your newly organized rooms.

February 19

How to Avoid Falling for a Jerk or Jerkette

7:00 pm
Young Special Events Room, #201


  • How to pace a dating relationship.
  • What the most important things you should get to know about your partner while dating

March 20

Essential Oils and How They Improve Your Lifestyle

7:00 pm
Bullock Room, #309


  • What essential oils are.
  • How they work in your body.
  • How to replace some over-the-counter medications.
  • How to make cleaners, beauty products, and other household items.

Class presented by Aubree Kovatch, a doTERRA essential oils advocate.


April 20

How to Pay Down Debt

7:00 pm
Young Special Events Room, #201

  • Learn how to gain control of your financial future by discovering how quickly you can become debt free.
  • Learn useful budgeting tips.
  • Learn how to protect yourself from identity theft.

May 12

Backyard Chickens

7:00 pm
Bullock Room, #309

  • Getting started and keeping backyard    chickens.
  • How to protect your flock from Avian Flu and other things you should know.

Presented by Dr. David Frame; Utah State University Extension Poultry Specialist

learn it rock the bike

June 18

Rock the Bike

7:00 pm
Young Special Events Room, #201

Bring the family and have fun learning about the importance of healthy eating and an active lifestyle with the smoothie blending bike.

Presented by Molina Medical

learn it self defense

July 28

Self Defense Workshop

7:00 pm
Young Special Events Room, #201


  • Awareness
  • Confidence
  • Self Esteem

Presented by Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios

learn it hair

August 5

Hair 101

7:00 pm
Young Special Events Room, #201

  • Learn the basics of hair care--from general maintenance to styling tips.

Presented by Taylor Andrews Academy of Hair Design.

learn it yoga for healing

September 1, 8, & 15

Yoga for Healing

7:00 pm
Brimhall Room, #302

Learn how to incorporate simple yoga practices into your everyday life to encourage physical, mental, and emotional wellness.

September 1: Breathing Techniques and Restorative Yoga
Practice different gentle yoga techniques to awaken the mind, feel a greater sense of calm, and encourage physical healing.

September 8: Living Movement Yoga Practice
Come learn about developing a Living Movement practice -- basically a glorified morning stretch -- to energize the body.

September 15: Doshas and Restorative Yoga
Your individual dosha combination is found by considering your physical attributes, emotional temperament, and other individual characteristics. When you figure out your dosha, it can guide you in living a healthier and fuller life!

learn it provos tabernacles

October 7

Provo's Two Tabernacles

7:00 pm
Bullock Room, #309

Provo's two tabernacles stood at the literal and symbolic center of Provo. The LDS Church History Department and the BYU Office of Public Archaeology excavated the Tabernacle block in 2011-12. Ryan Saltzgiver, an archaeologist involved in the excavation project, will share insight into the earliest period of history of Provo and discusses the meaning and symbolism behind the two archaeological evidence and document history.

Provo's Two Temples, a follow-up program, will be held on October 27 at 7:00 pm.

learn it revitalize relationship

October 14

Revitalize Your Relationship

7:00 pm
Bullock Room, #309

Creating enduring love:

  • How happy couples stay in love
  • How unhappy couples can renew their love

Class presented by Renew Relationship Counseling

learn it provos two temples

October 27

Provo's Two Temples

7:00 pm
Bullock Room, #309

Provo is home to two temples – one built from the ground up, the other born like a phoenix from the ashes of a beloved historic building destroyed by fire.  BYU professor Richard O. Cowan, co-author of the book Provo’s Two Temples will tell their fascinating stories.

learn it self publishing

November 12

Successful Self-Publishing

 7:00 pm
Young Special Events Room, #201

  • Why would you want to self-publish?
  • Learn how to self-publish your book.
  • Learn how to market your book.
learn it christmas gift wrapping

December 1

Creative Gift Wrapping

7:00 pm
Young Special Events Room, #201

Make and take home two gift containers and one gift bag.


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