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LDS Fiction is literature for and about Mormons. These books usually include references to LDS culture and beliefs and feature characters who are LDS. Most LDS fiction is printed and distributed by publishers marketing to the LDS niche market.

These fiction books in the library collection have the LDS label on the spine.

LDS Fiction Lists

To make it easier to find all the LDS Fiction at Provo City Library, the Library has created an LDS Fiction list at LibraryThing.com.

  • It is a searchable list of more than 1,000 LDS fiction titles owned by the Provo City Library.
  • Search or browse by author, genre (romance, mystery, general fiction, science fiction and young adult fiction); find all the books in a series or even search by publisher.
  • This list includes adult and young adult LDS fiction titles.

There is also a Young Adult only LDS Fiction list. This is a list of over 150 LDS Young Adult fiction books that can be found in the YA collection of the Provo City Library.

For more information about the LDS Fiction Genre see our Readers' Resources page on LDS Fiction.


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