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Thanks for making our 2015 Summer Reading Program
a great success!

Join us next summer for more reading adventures.


The Program

  • Sign up at the library or online at home.
  • Read 20 minutes a day, six days a week and record your time online.
  • Read books from Provo City Library.  The number of books checked out helps us to monitor the success of our Summer Reading Program.
  • Read six days a week.  You may read ahead or catch up if you get behind.  You may read more than your reading goal, but you may only collect one prize.


  • Secret Code Challenge: Attend children's programs throughout the summer and receive secret codes to enter online. When you claim your final prizes, you will get a bonus secret code challenge prize.
  • Halfway Prize: Halfway prizes can be claimed starting June 29.  When you have finished half of your reading goal of 540 minutes, come to the Children’s Desk to receive a prize!
  • End Prize: Final prizes can be claimed from July 27 - 31.  When you have completed your reading goal of 1080 minutes come to the Children’s Desk to receive a free book and a ticket to the End of Summer Reading Party.
  • End of Summer Reading Party: Saturday, August 1, 10:00 am - 11:30 am
    • Exclusive pool party for those who finish the summer reading program.  Swimming and treats at the Provo Recreation Center Outdoor Pool, 450 W 500 N.

2015 Kid's Summer Reading Activities


Instructions for Online Summer Reading Registration

1. Go to https://wandooreader.com/provolibrary/kids-summer-reading
2. Click on the purple "Join Here" right above the login box.
3. Enter age, birth month, birth year, and click "Submit".
4. Fill in a username and password, then verify password.
5. Select game difficulty. This is strictly to determine how quickly a child's superhero "levels up" and does not affect the child's tracking or prizes in any way. The following is a general guideline:
Easy: Up to 2nd grade (fewer minutes are required for the child's superhero to level up)
Medium: 3rd-4th grade
Hard: 5th-6th grade (requires the most minutes for the child's superhero to level up)
6. Enter parent email for consent.
7. Click "Create Account".
8. Choose a superhero (either male or female) and click "Like This" and then click "Log Out".
9. Follow steps 1-8 to register each of your children ages 0-12.
10. Go into the parent email account and open the confirmation emails sent from info@wandooreader.com and click on "Activate My Child's Account Now" for each child.
11. A new tab will open confirming that the account has been successfully confirmed.
12. Log back in for each child and fill in the required information on the "Edit Profile" page.
13. Click "Update Profile" when complete.
14. Start logging your reading!

After Registering Your Child If You Would Like To...

AFTER you have registered all of your children, if you would like, you may set up a separate "parent account" to monitor your children's progress. This is not required for registration.

1. Go to www.wandoogrownups.com
2. Click on the orange "Register as a Parent". (*Do not try to register a child from this site!*)
3. Enter your email address and a password and click "Register".
4. Although you will see an option in orange to "Add My Child," please DO NOT use this link to add another child. This will automatically create a "Wandoo Planet" account (instead of Wandoo Reader). We do not have a subscription to this program, so you will not be able to access or delete any accounts created from this link.
5. Your children will be listed at the top of the page. You can click on any child's name to monitor their progress.
6. You will be taken to a new page with your child's name at the top and two tabs underneath: Wandoo Planet (left - default) and Wandoo Reader (right). Click the Wandoo Reader tab to access your child's summer reading information.
7. Click the blue back arrow to return to the list of your children, or click on your blue email address above your child's name to log out.

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