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Allison has a wide variety of interests and hates limiting herself, which is why she became a librarian. She’s always felt that in a library, learning never has to be limited and you can pursue any interest until you’re satisfied. She loves nerding out over a variety of things, and the highlight of her week is almost always working with the Teen Minecraft Club. The Provo City Library will forever hold a special place in her life because it’s where she met her husband (office romance FTW).


Amber has worked at the Provo City Library since the spring of 2000. It was only supposed to be a short term job choice but she fell in love with being a librarian and can't imagine ever doing anything else. With a busy home life, she has learned that it is possible to squeeze in reading in little chunks throughout the day and is usually in the middle of reading or listening to 2-3 books at a time.


Amy loves science, history, and digging in the dirt. She graduated in Anthropology and Archaeology and loves to learn about the world around her, both past and present. Amy enjoys spending time with her family, making (and eating) delicious food, and travelling. She is originally from the Las Vegas area and has spent the last 10 years in Utah. She also enjoys playing the cello, learning about science and the natural world, and watching her favorite cooking channels on Youtube.  


Andrea is passionate about reading, knitting, raising chickens, eating chocolate and cheese (separately), and gardening. She has been to Europe 4 times and is now working on visiting all of the National Parks in America.


Ann-Marie has worked at the Provo City Library since 2004 (well…except she left from October 2012-February 2016 to work at two libraries in Virginia, but she missed PCL so much, she came back). She is the head of the teen services and periodicals teams; loves the smell of fresh cut grass, clean laundry, and chocolate chip cookies; and is the favorite aunt to 6 nephews and 2 nieces!


Breanne has been working at Provo City Library since 2008.  She loves to try new things and every time she gets into a new hobby that she is pretty sure she will do for the rest of her life, a new, different hobby comes along that she's pretty sure she could spend the rest of her life with.  Despite her wayward nature, she has an abiding love for cooking, music, and being a librarian!


Carla has been a Provo Librarian since the spring of 1999.  She loves serving this community and her biggest mission in life is to help educate people on the many, many, many amazing ways the Provo City Library can make life better.  In her spare time she likes to cook, ski, golf, play games, sleep, and, of course, read almost anything she can get her hands on.


Erika is the Community Relations Coordinator here at the library. She has degrees in media arts and media education. Among other things, she hosts a variety of programs, arranges all of our Attic exhibits, manages the Basement Creative Lab, makes infographics, and tries to make boring emails slightly less boring. When not at the library she spends much of her time reading books about construction vehicles and bugs to her two small boys.  


Joella has been a children's and youth services librarian since 2002.  She loves stories and thinks books are very good company. And she is not above dressing in costume if the need arises (which it often does!). 


Maegan is a reference librarian. She has been working in different libraries for just over 5 years and absolutely loves it. Maegan loves to talk books, movies, and board games. When she isn’t working in a library or reading a book of fairy tales she is often sewing quilts and sketching.


Marcie is a reference librarian who gained her love of libraries as a child by attending storytimes at the Provo City Library when it was located in the Carnegie building on 100 East.  When she’s not reading you might find her hiking, biking, or watching almost anything with a British accent.


Melinda was an ambitious child who wanted to be everything when she grew up, so she became a librarian. She earned her BA in Visual Arts and is pursuing a master's degree in Library Science. Though she's lived in Utah for a while, Melinda hails from the east coast and has lived abroad; wherever she may roam, she always gets library card! When not working here (at the best job EVER), Melinda can be found enjoying delectable foods and watching movies. She also enjoys reading (of course), art, learning languages, driving, traveling, dancing, and laughing heartily. 


Rikki is a born wanderer and is happy that her meandering spirit led her into a career as a librarian. She loves being surrounded by books, media, and endless information, and other people who appreciate those things, too. She enjoys warm beverages paired with engrossing conversation, being outdoors, taking her dogs for rides in the car, travel, film, and food. 


Shaina is a Montana transplant who is still occasionally surprised by sales tax. She came to Utah to earn a B.A. in History and an M.A. in Humanities at BYU. Her favorite things in life include traveling, reading classics and historical fiction, watching HGTV, listening to audiobooks on double time, following politics, discussing Jane Austen novels, and petting cats. She dreams of owning a yellow farmhouse, chickens, bees, and a miniature Jersey cow named Daphne. She also plans to befriend Audrey Hepburn in the afterlife.


Suzanne has been a librarian for 25 years. While much has changed in libraries over those years, the best things have stayed the same – books, books and more books and the readers who come to the library to get them. Having lived and traveled abroad in the years before becoming a librarian she enjoys fiction set in far-away places and nonfiction that broadens her understanding of the world.

Tiffany D

Tiffany currently works as a Librarian in the Children’s Department. She is interested in how children learn and develop and she especially loves learning about the brain. Tiffany loves helping children find books that they are excited about. Tiffany is married (she had her wedding reception at the Provo Library Ballroom!) and has three young readers at home. Curling up before bed and reading a chapter of the current read-aloud is a family favorite. She also loves food, especially Indian, Thai and of course, chocolate.