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Anderson Art Gallery

Fine Art by Ron Escudaro 

August 4th, 2014  - October 31st, 2014


pioneer-girl ESCUDERO FINE ART

 50 years of painting
 As a 3rd grade student growing up in So. California, Ron lived next door to retired Artist, Bob Gestlin ( who worked for Walt Disney  in the early animated movies such as "Fantasia). Another influence was James R Silke who worked as an Artist for Capitol  Records. In Jr high school Ron was editor in Chief of the yearbook and won the cover design contest. After joining the Marines and  returning from Vietnam In 1969 Ron restarted his art career, working for Artmaster Studio and then Vanguard studio as a production  painter. On weekends Ron would sell his own original art in Westwood, Calif. on La Cieniga Blvds "Gallery Row", in street exhibits.

 In 1972 as a member of Local 831 Sign Scene and Pictorial Union, Ron worked in outdoor advertising as a pictorial artist, painting  billboards for Ryan outdoor advertising. At that time billboards were hand painted with artist oil colors. Much of his work involved  reproducing album cover art resized and hand painted to 14ft. X 48ft. billboards, displayed from Sunset Blvd in Hollywood, California  to Las Vegas, Nevada. In '75 Ron moved his family to Utah where he attended Utah Technical College fine arts program for 2 yrs  under Doug Jordan while working full time for Reagan Outdoor Advertising.

 In 1983 Ron won The Utah Arts Festival advertising design award. In 1985 Ron attended Westminister College for 2 yrs as Fine  Arts major under Don Doxey. in a Christmas card design contest there Ron won 1st Place and it was used to mail out season  greetings from the college. After college, Ron worked freelance with various other Advertising companies from billboards to  animation artist for Zam studio. All the while Ron continued to paint in oils, from old master copies as well as original art.

 In 2010 moved from Salt Lake City to Mapleton, Utah and began to exhibit in shows including the Springville Museum of Fine Arts  annual religious show and attending Plein air competitions in various locals around Utah while attending figuring drawing studies  with local artists and art classes with David Dean. Exhibiting in Utah county art events and shows at Window Box Gallery in Provo,  Utah.
 Ron continues producing Art in his home studio and enjoys painting in oils and pastel drawing on a daily basis.
Be sure to check out some of my Billboard paintings ( and older works I will be posting from time to time) which are located in the archived section.
Ron's painting of "Jean Dean", was selected as part of the FAV15% (jury's favorite 15% of the entries) in the April 2013 BoldBrush Painting competition. Portrait of David Dean was selected as Fav 15% for May 2013 Bold Brush Contest Bowl of Cherries and Raven Caw are on popular pages for June Bold Brush Contest "I enjoy painting and drawing all sorts of subject matter, variety is the spice of life. I don't paint something because I think it will sell, I paint what I want to paint."

 Artist's Website


Rogers Art Gallery

Artell Harris - "The Cubby Holes of Nature"

August 2nd 2014  - October 31st 2014


 Artell Harris grew up hunting and fishing with his family in Idaho, and declares that he always loved nature. Artell puts his passion for the outdoors into his paintings, and since 1968, he has been conveying that love through his artwork. Harris found painting to be a relaxing hobby when he was a building contractor for 30 years.

Over this period, landscape oils became a passion, and whenever the opportunity provided itself, you would find him out and about in nature capturing his favorite spots. Not only does he paint panoramic scenes such as the Grand Canyon or the Grand Tetons; but he is also drawn to those serendipitous scenes which can happen within 100 feet of you, such as a clear mountain stream with its multitude of colors and reflections.  This is what he considers the little cubby holes of nature.  

Transplanted from Idaho to Utah via California, the Mapleton artist"s favorite subject to paint is water (rivers, lakes, or waterfalls). "It is my goal to paint not only the depth of the water, but also the reflections of  light and sky. If I accomplish that, then I feel I have captured the true beauty of a scene." As a traditional painter, he is a realist who finds great pleasure in making water look authentic, capturing a sunset moment, creating red rock cliffs, or shady mountain forests. 

Artell paints the beauties that surround us, from the California and Oregon coastlines to the Grand Tetons of Wyoming. He loves the out-of-doors and wants to share that beauty. His artwork has been on exhibit in numerous galleries throughout the Western United States. He started showing in state fairs such as the Eastern Idaho State Fair, the Freedom Festival in Provo, Utah, and Swiss Days in Midway, Utah. He has shown in art galleries in Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, California, and has shown for the last several years in Rive Gauche Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona.  

As an artist, one of Artell's goals is to paint oil landscapes so that the art enthusiast will be reminded of places they would love to visit, or memories from their childhood, or where they went on vacation, or where they would like to go on vacation. "I would like people to appreciate my paintings for the feelings they invoke."

Artist's Website



Coming Soon: On With the Show, This Is It!: Chuck Jones and the Animation Art of Looney Tunes

September 8 - October 31, 2014

For more than 70 years, the funniest, most recklessly irreverent characters ever drawn on celluloid have been Looney Tunes. This exhibition explores the Looney Tunes characters and their capers as brought to life by Jones and voice artist Mel Blanc at Warner Bros. Studios. This exhibit is organized and circulated by the Daura Gallery, Lynchburg College, Lynchburg, VA. 

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